Tarlotte, also known as "Tarlotte of the Aligned Planets," is the Absolute Angel Batraz. Her anger lays waste to all who stand before her, possessing a rather short temper. Tarlotte frequently has trouble finding the right words to express herself. While attacking the academy, she absorbs the life energy of the students. She apparently held Sōjirō in high regard, the man having saved her from the Morality Enforcement Squad, which had held her prisoner and conducted experiments on her sometime after the 'Seven days of Hot Snow' event. Tarlotte is later seen in the Onsenyado Academy after the events, experiencing a hot spring for the first time. She accidentally intrudes on Kaon and Himiko, who are also there, but is oblivious to the chaos that follows with Himiko trying to calm an angry Kaon. The final OVA shows her causing trouble during an assembly while chasing a moth.

Appearance Edit

Tarlotte is rather short, and has pale green hair that reaches down just past her shoulders, framing her not especially pale face and deep golden eyes. She wears a headband at all times, accentuating her purple cat ears that match her purple uniform top and skirt quite well. In addition, she possesses a green tail matching the hue of her hair. Her Absolute Angel emblem is located on her right thigh.

Trivia Edit

  • Although her design is similar to Nekoko's from Kannazuki no Miko, Tarlotte's name is a reference to those of Taruto and Charlotte, two characters from Kaishaku's older work Magical Nyan Nyan Taruto. Taruto's character is also voiced by Hisayo Mochizuki.